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Creator is a faction featured in LEGO® Nexus Adventures. They will be the faction in Nexus Adventures whose focus is building. However, they never doubt their skills on the battlefield, as they are stronger than they may appear. They are led by Newton Q. Overbuild, the son of Dr. Overbuild, who has loved building since he was a baby. Newton has taken the job as the leader of the Creators and has obtained the creativity of the former leader. Newton Overbuild also was a famous scientist in the Overbuild Laboratory before he came toSector 9, and has since been asked to be the leader for the Creators. Newton also helped battle the Maelstrom in the Nexus War with special contraptions and weapons that he designed to prove his creativity.

Faction Members



  • Creator is based on Assembly from LEGO Universe.
  • The leader is the son of Doctor Overbuild.
  • The leader will be very similar to Doctor Overbuild, but with different details.
  • The main color of the Creators will be white, yellow, and orange, much like the Assembly faction in LEGO Universe.
  • Creator is also a LEGO® Theme.
  • They are responsible for building many of the Nexus Force weapons.
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