Cyberplexus Explorers
CyberPlexus Explorers
Theme CyberBorge
World Cyberplexus
Weapon/Tool CyberGear

The Cyberplexus Explorers were the first to cross through the portal into Cyberplexus. It severely mutated them, however, causing them to be minifig-program hybrids. One was partially corrupted by the Maelstrom, however, he maintained control over himself. They figured out how to communicate with the outside Universe and sent a message on how to safely send minifigs through the portal. They both are skilled warriors, and are located in the main hub of Cyberplexus, giving out missions. The Cyberneural and Cyberaxeman armor sets are based off their armor. The partially infected explorer is considered invaluable to Eclipse, as he remains in control of himself, but is infected enough that he can understand Maelstrom and sometimes hear the Essence's voice.

Missions for Cyberplexus Explorers