• Top view / Map of Dark Lightning/Maelstrom Reach base,
  • Maelstrom Reach base Teleport.
  • Maelstrom Reach Base Control Room.
  • Dark Lightning Base.
  • The Symbol for the Dark Lightning.
  • Dark Lighting Symbol.

The Dark Lightning is a group that ruled over much of Planet Crux. However, a mysterious force steered them away from the side of the Nexus. The Dark Lightning no longer exists, but it is mentioned several times in the game, especially in Maelstrom Reach, as the Maelstrom Reach Base was once a Dark Lightning base.

Located under Maelstrom Reach, this area has its own seperate map. It can ONLY be reached using the teleporter. The walls are blue, with very high ceilings. This is a Nexus Force Base for all factions . However, no faction symbols will be seen here. Only the symbol of the Nexus Force. This room gives off a polished look, and with a holographic map of the entire Universe in the middle. Along the far back wall, are computer systems, with heaps of information that the Maelstrom is trying to get.


  • The Dark Lighting is a reference to Alec Warper's own stories as well as the original name for a Shinobi Attack.
  • In Maelstrom Reach, a cracked symbol of the Dark Lightning can be found along the battlefield. The symbol can alo be seen along a wall in the Maelstrom Reach Base.

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