Dr caries summit

Dr. Caries, Team Summit Gear.

Dr. Caries
Dr Caries Profile
Theme Team Summit
World Summit Base
Quote Like my hideout?
Weapon/Tool Cane

Dr. Caries was a scientist in the battle against the Darkitect's Maelstrom. He mentored X and kept him under control. He went through the portal to ​Sector 9 in pursuit of X, where he set up a small team called Team Summit, alongside his good friend,Cyrus Pinky. The Nexus Force tried to get Caries back into it, but he remained at Team Summit, who assisted the Nexus Force whenever they could. He usually remains in the Summit Base, but gets out to aid his troops whenever possible. Despite the fact that he is a good leader, he is not a good fighter as he is a scientist.


  • The Team Summit members call him "Boss".
  • Despite his team nearly looking like The Expeditioners he was in Paradox.
  • His brother is Brendan The Janitor, who is lazy and does nothing.
  • His favourite food is jelly.
  • He still tries to get X to see good.

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