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The Eclipse is a faction that will be featured in LEGO® Nexus Adventures that focuses on researching the Maelstrom. The Eclipse are mysterious and want to uncover the secrets of the Maelstrom. They are led by Anne Chient, an apprentice that has taken over the job of Vanda Darkflame and has dedicated her life to studying the Maelstrom. Eclipse has been searching for information about The Maelstrom so that Sector 9 will be clean of Maelstrom. Dr. Caries and Cyrus Pinky of Team Summit continue to help them.

Faction Members

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  • The Eclipse is based off of The Paradox from LEGO® Universe.
  • Their logo is a Maelstrom Orb.
  • Many members of The Eclipse are ninja, much like Paradox.
  • The Eclipse uses many of X's designs, although they were not appreciated when X pitched them.
  • The Eclipse are divided into two groups: those who wish to learn more about the Maelstrom so it can be defeated, and those who want to find a way to make it still exist in a less dangerous form, so that those with Dark Soi can still have their powers. The latter are the closest to the Maelstrom of any NF group.
  • The Eclipse was originally called "Dark Nebula", however, was changed due to copyright issues.