The Faction Leaders are the Commanders of each faction in Nexus Adventures. There is one for each faction. They each have equal powers. To learn about each faction leader go to each separate page.


Lord Protectus (male) is the leader of the Guardians faction, and is also an old friend and partner of Duke Exeter. He has taken charge of leading and commanding The Guardians. Protectus is an skilled swordsman and master of disguise, having trained under Duke. Protectus had taken the job of Guardian faction leader and is now creating a new army of elite knights and soldiers all sworn under the same oath as the knights battling under Duke Exeter.


Anne Chient (female) is the Eclipse faction leader. As Vanda Darkflame's finest apprentice, she helped research the Maelstrom. Once the maelstrom began rebuilding itself, Anne was sent to Sector 9 to help with the war effort. She took orders directly from Vanda origianlly, however, Vanda decided she best learn how to handle things on her own. She shows no fear and will do anything to learn the secrets of the Incursio and the Maelstrom. She wields a modified ancient weapon (which she nicknamed the Stromshielder) which can project Holostroms and create small distortions in space strong enough to teleport one minifig or make the user intangible to normal matter for a few seconds. She is a scientist that even Nick respects. After an accident while experimenting with Holostrom, her hair is part Holostrom.


Newton Q. Overbuild (male) , the son of Dr. Overbuild, has loved building since he was a year old. He has taken the job as the leader of the Creators, and has obtained the creativity of his father. Atom is a master builder with a degree in both Imaginitive Engineering and Creative Construction, and was also a famous scientist in the Overbuild Laboratory before he was asked to be the leader for the Creators. Soon, he took control of the Creators after he got word of the Maelstrom's return and is now reconstructing some of his fathers old inventions in Nexus HQ with constructing some of his own.

The Expeditioners

Ferdinard Radboud (male) a descendant of Captain Hael Storm has always had the heart of a brave daredevil and has taken the title as leader of the Expeditioners. Ferdinard is a well know explorer and partner of Johnny Thunder. Ferdinard has taken the job of Expeditioners faction leader and is now seeking out new lands to explore, and considers Sector 9 a fascinating area. He uses the compass of Captain Hael Storm and loves having new adventures to chronicle. Ferdinard is also famous for saving Captain Hael Storm in a Maelstrom battle.