IG 904 Profile
Theme Eclipse
World Maelstrom Reach
Quote I need help, please.
Weapon/Tool Eclipse Blasters

IG-904 is an half infected cyborg NPC in Maelstrom Reach, his original name was Ian.


IG-904 was actually in the old LEGO® Universe. He got infected by the Maelstrom in Paradox Research Facility. He escaped the lab, but got half smashed and infected by the Spider Queen. Afterwards, Wisp Lee got to help him by calling Epsilon Starcarcker to smash some Infected Mechs and took some parts to repair him. So Wisp Lee sent Ian to Nimbus Station, where Ian stayed in one of the houses. After being almost completely infected, he lost control, and eventually smashed Logan Moonshot and Ellgren Stackwells (the faction grunts). After that incident, Ian regained his consciousness and realized what he had done. He then took the Nimbus Rocket to avoid trouble. He rocketed away far into the universe...

After LEGO® Universe

He eventually wandered into Sector 9. After that, he saw minifigures and wanted them to cure his Maelstrom. He later joined the Eclipse faction.His spaceship crashed and can be seen in Maelstrom Reach.His rocket is slightly smashed and is partly Maelstrom infected.


Missions for IG-904
Destroy them all!
A little secret
Destroy them all!2
Return the rocket


He is based from User:JordanSiah's minifigure.