• Imagination Gardens Concept Map by LEGOCyborge
The Imagination Gardens is the first actual world you arrive at when you leave the N.S. Sky Lane. It is home to a secret area called the Imagination Caverns which allows you to return to the N.S. Sky Lane via Launchpad. 

The Imagination gardens are filled with all types of plants, some which don't normally grow in the same area as another. The gardens are pretty much free of enemies, except for Maelstrom Yucca Plants which also grow in the gardens fertile soil.

These gardens while Maelstrom free are home to the grass snakes while not dangerous they will attack a player near the hidden fountain. You can go into the fountain and arrive in an underground cave (Imagination Caverns) and see many special vendors.

Some which sell items like the Water Blaster and the Imagination Gloves. Once you leave the Imagination gardens you will arrive in Bob Plaza; from there you can travel to other destinations.




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