LEGO Nexus Adventures: The Story

This book is written by Roseann Shadowflame and ZaxZax12 with Ideas from Doomslicer and various LNA fans. Resh is a co-writer of The Next Generation series, no other editors, or writers have been taken yet.  

The story will have currently three main parts to how its put together, The Prequel story will consist of 5 possibly 10 chapters based around the main story and ideas by Doomslicer. And will pretain to explaining certain worlds and the charaters and enemies involved.

The Main story, starting with the chapter linked to below, will consist of 20 or so chapters and will cover the events pertaining to LNA before and leading up to the major shut down of LNA.

The next segment of story which is currently referred to as "The Next Generation" will contain events leading to and beyond LNAs revival. The story as you may know from reading it is written in a way that expresses the LNA game, its members, and others associated with it, in a manner that portrays the events as being or historical happening in Sector 9.

The concept of the story is better read then explained, so please feel free to read and input your opinions in the comments.

The Story: Nexus Adventures story Chapter 1

Prequel Story: How it Began.

Sequel Story: Next Generation.


LEGO Nexus Adventures The Book

The music and pictures for the virtual book:

Lego Universe Theme

Lego Universe Theme

The music that plays when the first builders get their Imagination Armor (first builder thing, gives you special power)

LEGO Universe Music - Main Theme Alternate

LEGO Universe Music - Main Theme Alternate

The music that plays in the comic (part of the book) when the First Builders have to fight off an entire Maelstrom Army (Bigger than Avant Gardens, Gnarled Forest and forbidden valley together... yeah...)

HD LEGO Universe Beta Music - The Tree (Forbidden Valley)

HD LEGO Universe Beta Music - The Tree (Forbidden Valley)

Cover music

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