Lance Quintain
Lance Quintain
Theme Medieval
World Kingdoms World
Quote Want to Joust?
Weapon/Tool Lance & Shield

Lance Quintain is a NPC in Kingdom World. A mysterious and enigmatic figure, he is the most powerful of Sir Mounted's knights. His color scheme follows a slightly different pattern than that of the other knights, and he has blue lenses build into his visor to obscure his eyes. Few minifigs know what he looks like underneath his helmet.

Lance tends to be somewhat unnerving, rarely talking and preferring to tell people what to do with his glare alone. His horse, Erebus, appears to be the only creature that he really trusts and cares.


No missions currently planned.


  • A "quintain" is a type of target struck with a lance.
  • Lance Quintain was originally named "Notso Strong" and before then "Knight 5."

    The original version of Lance Quintain, Notso Strong

  • Lance is the only knight currently planned to ride a horse.
  • His horse, Erebus, is named after the Greek God of Darkness.