• Maelstrom Reach Above ground teleporter Blender.
  • Maelstrom Reach Map.
  • Maelstrom Reach (right side view).
  • Maelstrom Reach (left side view).
Maelstrom Reach is a frozen terrain, much like Frostburgh, located in the Outer Rim of Sector 9. The overall look and feel of this world is stormy and cloudy. Under the world's surface is a base with secret plans.


Camp N492

Camp N492 is the main starting area of this world. It is mainly a small above ground camp. It consists of two tents around a large launch pad going to the Dinosaur World and Nexus HQ .

Maelstrom Trench

The Maelstrom Trench is the main fighting area of the world. It stretches from Camp N492 to the Nexus Village Ruins. Steep walls stand at both sides of the trench. There is a branch off the trench that leads to a crater.In the center of the crater is IG-904's crashed spaceship.

Nexus Village Ruins

At side of the trench farthest from Camp N492, is a number of ruined houses and other buildings. Stromlings do spawn here, allowing for a battle in the streets of the ruins. At the back of the village is a broken teleporter. Once rebuilt, it can take a minifigure to the Maelstrom Reach Base.

Maelstrom Reach Base

Located under Maelstrom Reach, this area has its own separate map. It can ONLY be reached using the teleporter. The walls are blue, with very high ceilings. This is a Nexus Force Base for all factions. However, no faction symbols will be seen here. Only the symbol of the Nexus Force. This room gives off a polished look, and with a holographic map of the entire Universe in the middle. Along the far back wall, are computer systems, with heaps of information that the Maelstrom is trying to get.



Death Troopers


Designed by Alec Warper.