Minatthew D. Muckrake
Minatthew D. Muckrake Profile
Theme Eclipse
World Shock Mountain
Weapon/Tool Doomslicer 3.0

Minatthew D. Muckrake has a nindroid sidekick called Doomsniper. He has an interface built into his mask that allows him to telepathically communicate with and control Doomsniper, with Doomsniper operating the Doominions on its own. Minatthew is a brilliant scientist, and he has a large knowledge of the Maelstrom. He is good friends with Anne Chient and Newton Q. Overbuild, and many others. His weapon responds telepathically, and when not in use, the maelstrom part retracts, and the staff can be used as a scanner or a holostrom projector. He also can do ice-style Spinjitsu. He may occasionally break the fourth wall (like maybe "One of these days I'm gonna break out of this game!"). His facemask is linked to his brain, so he can mentally control it. He despises any and all magic, having built his Doomslicer 3.0 to be completely Maelstrom powered. He is cunning and quite clever, and he is known for his weapon forging skills.

Faction Founders (concept art 1)

Possible alternate/upgraded "Founder" gear design


After Meyer Muckrake married Vanda Darkflame, the leader of Paradox, they had a child. He was Minatthew D. Muckrake, who had both Meyer's and Vanda's Maelstrom and combat abilities, and their understanding of the Maelstrom. He became best friends with Newton Q. Overbuild. Using the help of his friend, Newton constructed his armor and robotic arms. When Newton was 13 and Minatthew was 14, they, with several other minifigs, were sent to re-explore Sector 9 on a ship called the Nexus Victory. But when they got there, they discovered that the the Maelstrom Imperium had risen again and took over Sector 9. As they were trapped in Sector 9, but the Nexus Force could still send supplies and minifigs in, he, and the rest of the Nexus Victory crew decided to form new factions. Newton established the Creators. Newton himself asked Minatthew to make what would become Eclipse, and he did, but he gave up the position of faction leader to Anne Chient, saying that while he would still be second in command, he'll try and find a way to make it non-dangerous, so that Eclipse agents can still use their Maelstrom grade weapons once it's defeated, and so minifigs who can control Maelstrom can still have powers. More coming soon.


  • His first name is a mixture of Latin word for Paradox (as a reference to his heritage) and the English name Matthew, and his middle initial, "D", stands for Darkflame.
  • He wears custom gear, though it has similarities to the Maelstrom Manipulator set.
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