New Design

The N.S. Sky Lane is the first area in Nexus Adventures destined to take you to far away places. After arriving via the Nexus transporter you must assist the crew in getting free from the Maelstrom Generator before you can fly down to Imagination Gardens .

The Developer Door is and area on the Star-ship that can be accessed only by dev's within the game. This world introduces elements within the game, such as the Rocket Build, Rockets, and the Teleporter.


The N.S. Sky Lane is a updated design of the Venture Explorer, built for Inter-Solar System Travel. The ship was sent to Sector 9 after Nexus Tower lost contact with the N.S. Victory However, as soon as it arrived, the Maelstrom Barrier Surrounding Sector 9 Closed, trapping the N.S. Sky Lane. The ship then was trapped in a Maelstrom Cloud, and started to be attacked by the Maelstrom Imperium. For a few days the ship fought, but was finally disabled when all weapons and engines were destroyed by the Maelstrom. After your arrival Captain Novabeam orders you to go and destroy the beast from within its lair.

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  • Nexus Starship (Top view)
  • Nexus Starship (Side view)
  • Nexus Starship Inside 1
  • Nexus Starship Inside 2
  • Nexus Adventures Control Room 1
  • Nexus Starship Control Room 2
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