Nexus Adventures is a future game based on LEGO® Universe being developed by the Nexus Adventures Staff.

The game is a way of responding to the fact that we can no longer play LEGO Universe, so the LNA community has decided to continue it. Nexus Adventures is the name of the game and has a main galaxy: Sector 9.

For more story information please visit the Story Department page.

Some notes:

LEGO® Copyrights:

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The LEGO group does not endorse LEGO Nexus Adventures, this is not a LEGO supported website, it is made by LEGO fans. The LEGO Nexus Adventures game is the intellectual property of it's respective owners, please do not share any text, videos, images, or any type of media from this site without crediting its owners. Thank you!

  • Due to copyrights, no NPC's from LU will appear, but, some of their children (since this is years later) might!
  • It will be free.
  • We hope to release the full game in the hopefully near future, with alpha or beta in 2015.

'If you wish to join, please be aware that we only need programmers, Unity coders, terrain modelers, and modelers. We have more than enough "LDDers." However, you can contribute to LNA through LNASA, a project for those who are not officially members of LNA. LNASA Home Page

Game Development and Testing Phase

The game is being developed by Brick5492Zaxzax12 and the rest of the Nexus Adventures development team. Currently, we are just working on the basics, but we hope to have Alpha start somewhere around late 2013 or early 2014. Currently, we are hoping to have Pre-Alpha somewhere between the fall and early winter of 2013.

Full Game

The game is in the pre-alpha phase, and there is as of now no set date for the full release.

The next demo of the game is to be released soon.

Play the demos we have completed so far here: LNA Demos

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