Nexus HQ Map

Nexus HQ map, with faction zones being shown by colored areas.

Nexus HQ is the Hub within the Nexus Adventures game. It serves as a base for the Nexus Force, similar to Nexus Tower but located in Sector 9

This world serves as a world for the factions, it is home to the faction leaders and various faction NPC's. The Nexus HQ also houses the S9 Omnifaction command, which oversees all factions and Nexus Force operations.

Holographic Communications pillars can be found within the various faction areas. Each pillar connects directly to the Faction Leaders within Sector 1.



  • A Holostrom Communications Pillar. This one is showing a transmission from Vanda Darkflame.
  • A piece of Alpha Nexus HQ, don't mind colors. It's for easily duplicating elements.
  • Cargo Bay Concept Art
  • the enterence to the nexus HQ (idea) (bad quality took with ipod look at photo in full view to see it properly)