Non Nexus Force Factions, or NNFF's for short, are groups of minfigs that operate outside of Nexus Force Rules. They are many and have many varied powers, this page list the three main gear producing groups that players can join after joining a faction.

Non Nexus Force Factions


Also known as the Recon Contamination Unit is a special force of minifigures that will stop at nothing to rid the galaxy of Maelstrom.

Zachs Creatures/Team Alpha

Was the first NNFF Maj is this factions leader along with Tom Chaffee. They are dedicated to stopping the Maelstrom at any cost.

Team Summit

A small group that set up in the style of mountain gear, who use their powerful tools to aid the Nexus Force, most of them are Ex-Expeditioners although most have never been in the Nexus Force.

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