• The forest part 1
  • The forest part 2 (backside)
  • The forest part 2 (frontside)
  • Concept art.
The Out 'N' About Forests are large forests worlds in Sector 9. They include one Giant Spider and Giant Tree Snake  enemy per forest. The other enemies in the Out 'N' About Forests also include the Skeleton Boss which can be found in the Bone Rock area. The Giant Spiders and Giant Tree Snakes are exclusive to the Out 'N' About Forests.


  • Daniel Weaksword (a Lost Knight),
  • Redbeard the Pirate (a Pirate Captain)
  • and more....


  • The Out-N-About Forests are multiple worlds within Sector 9 not just one large world.
  • Because of these forests being part of the large war between rivaling time travel factions, (now long gone) the forests are prone to time and space anomalies.
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