Rocket Crates.

Rockets are the means by which players travel from world to world. They are the first objects the player builds in the game. Almost all rockets are modular, so any combination of nose-cone, cockpit, and engine can be used to form a rocket. All rockets requires the use of a Launchpad to operate, and can be found within rocket crates or rocket vendors. 

Space Shuttle

In honor of the now-decomissioned space shuttle.

  • Dark Brown Space Shuttle Rocket, Color Scheme chosen by Jazzermb
  • The Accurately Colored Space Shuttle Rocket prefered by Myself and Ferfature

Ice Camo Rocket

Nexus Force Rocket

You can obtain this upon joining the Nexus Force.

LDD file:

  • Nexus Rocket, Design and Idea by Mvp

Rocket Ship 1

  • Rocket Ship 1

Rocket Ship 2

  • Rocket Ship 2

Rocket Ship 3

  • Rocket Ship 3

Planet-Rocket/Steam Mars flyer

This rocket is your clasic one of a kind steam punk rocket, obtainable on Steam Mars .

  • Rocket for Steam Mars, designed by Onuku.