Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted (2)
Theme Medieval
World Kingdoms World
Quote Unknown
Weapon/tool The Legendary sword, Fedexxalibur
Sir Mounted is the leader of the Knights. He is a NPC in the

Sir Mounted, with his sword, Fedexcalibur, in full view

Kingdom World. He has Golden Armor forged from Mount Shock. He is a brave guardien of all the treasure in a temple, he will not allow anyone t oget inside it excpt for the king.

As is typical for most old, white-bearded guys, Sir Mounted is very wise. He is a hardened veteran of many battles, coming through every one of them alive thanks to the power of his mighty sword, Fedexcalibur.


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  • His name is a play on "surmounted." It is possible to create many names for knights by using the word "Sir."
  • He was originally named Knight Fall after a scene in Star Wars Episode 3.
  • His sword, Fedexcalibur, is named after Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur and humorously combined with the name of the company Fed-Ex.

    The original version of Sir Mounted, Knight Fall