Expeditioners Logo.

will be a Faction on LEGO® Nexus Adventures that will focus on exploration. They are led by Ferdinard Radboud, a descendant of Captain Hael Storm (the Venture League leader), who has always had the heart of a brave daredevil, and is famous for saving Captain Hael Storm in a Maelstrom battle on Crux Prime.

Faction Members

Ferdinard Radboud (Leader)

Steve (Recruit)

Kayle Morningstar (Lead Field Agent)

Moe Seedy (Recruit)

Tim Lapse Field Agent

Speedy Cout Scout Trooper Note: Please List all the Expeditioners here.

Darty Dardivol (a Daredevils Adventurer),



  • The Expeditioners are based from the LEGO Universe's Venture League.
  • Green is the main color of this faction, as was the Venture League.
  • They are similar to Team Summit.
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