• Hey guys :D It's me BenTheGentle1 on the Wiki. Just wanted to check in if i'm still a Chat Mod since Zaxzax12 gave it to me a while back. But as always i'm busy ha. Hoping I still have the position. Cheers! Posted on facebook by Kenneth forbes (which is me) Link right here

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    • Hey Ben, I checked the wiki and saw that you posted, and that it was replied to their. So seeing how I was handed the torch I guess it's time to tell you the news.  As the message or facebook says, you were removed as chat mod do to lack of activity.  And now that your "back" I can't simply give you that status without having five or more other people asking me about being chatmod. And so inorder to become chat mod again you must be active for atleast one month. And help out atleast once a week. If you have any questions please ask and I will be happy to answer. :)


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