• Hey Zax, I have a great offer for you that could end up greatly increasing the population of the viewers of the game in time. Me and my partners wanted to gift you a chance to have LNA on our website where we sponsor developers etc. A lot more advanced than my old one. I'm giving you brief information due to the fact that the website is in alpha for the next few months. All you have to do is think about it and you can deny the request unti the website is trusted by Norton, Macafee, etc. Or you could accept it like other companies might. I'm not saying the website is dangerous but I understand a few people want official websites that are trusted. I would like to have your response on e-mail since this is mostly for the devs. Here is my email: I hope you accept this and we will be sure to credit you and the devs on making a great game that is soon to be in alpha testing. Keep up the great work!

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