Time Rift

Time Rift with DRACT Base and TOAD ship.

The Time Rift is a large battle zone that you go through with your Starship, which can be accessed after completing a mission chain in Zephyr. The Time Rift was created by the Maelstrom to trap all incoming minifigures in Sector 9. The rift contains within it the DRACT base as well as the (Temporal explorer Of Anomalies and Distortions), that takes you through the rift.

LEGO Universe Beta Music - Survival

LEGO Universe Beta Music - Survival

This music can be heard when traveling through Time Rift.


  • The Time Rift will be released as an extra world after the original release of LNA.
  • Distortions in time cause by the rift can be felt in specific areas of Sector 9, such as the Out 'N' About Forests