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  • Zaxzax12

    LNA Sequal Chapter 7

    September 14, 2016 by Zaxzax12

    When we last left our players, they were all in a rather pressing situation.. Zax after catching up with an old friend, finds Daniel has been taken by trolls!  And Samri after battling a Regal Troll with the help of his friends. Finds himself at the mercy of the legendary minfig, whoms actions were less then legendary.. Volcanic and his crew have also fell into a dangerous trap. And of course Resh was abandoned by Atom, to face the perils of the Kingdoms world alone!  What will become of them? We shall see..

    "Great he's gone!" Said Resh to himself.. "Not sure if I'm glad, or worried. But atleast the village isn't very far away." He continued, trying to keep up the illusion someone was with him.. Resh being the excellent multi-tasker he is. …

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  • Zaxzax12

    LNA Sequel Chapter 6

    January 13, 2016 by Zaxzax12

    "We're just about at the bottom of the mountain. Then we just have to make it through Barred Forest and we'll be at the Village." said Atom, still conversing with Resh. Even though he was the only one talking. Suddenly Atom turned around and grabbed Resh by the collar. "Come on kid, say something!?" There must be something I can say to get you talking, something you want to know, perhaps." said Atom, shaking Resh feircly.  "W. Well.. There is one thing I've been wondering. I was going to ask Zax but he-" I started but could finish. "I'll help you." said Atom putting down Resh and straightening his shirt. 

    It took me a moment to regain myself. It was then I decided to play it cool, yet confident around Atom. He seemed like the kinda guy who …

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  • Zaxzax12

    LNA Sequel Chapter 5

    January 9, 2016 by Zaxzax12

    "Huh, huh, huh. Hey you! Stop!" I shouted, trying to keep up with the mysterious figure. He didn't reply to my call and so I started thinking how I could slow him down. Then once we turned down a long hall a plan came to mind. I jumped up and started running on the ceiling, making sure he didn't see what I did. Just has he began opening the door, I stuck his hand to knob with some non-infecting Maestrom goo. He started panicing and yanked his hand free, falling backwards while pulling the door open. 

    Before he could get up I jumped down slaming the door with my feet and landing just infront of... "Rio!" I shouted excitedly. "Zax! What are you doing here?" Rioforce asked, looking rather puzzled. "I was just about to ask you the same question…

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  • Zaxzax12

    LNA Sequel Chapter 4

    January 7, 2016 by Zaxzax12

    "Daniel Weaksword! Where is that kid? If he's going to be a proper knight he has to be responsible. Daniel!" Shouted Sir Mounted, leader of the knights. "Huh, huh. Here sir, sorry sir, I..." "There's no time for excusses Daniel. This is Zax. He would like you to accompany him to the Launch Area just beyond the Old Kingdom." said Sir Mounted.  "Yes sir, but why me? Another more trained knight would be more protection for him." I replied . "Zax insist he doesn't need any protection, but I insisted he take you just in-case. Plus we need all the skilled knights here to protect the base." answered Sir Mounted. "Alright, I'll do my best." I replied, trying to sound confident.  

    And so we set off, making our way past the Old Kingdom when.. "Zax! W…

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  • Zaxzax12

    LNA Sequel Chapter 3

    October 26, 2015 by Zaxzax12

    While walking through the Barred Woods, I had just a bit of free time and peace to write in my journal. “It’s easy to let yourself become cold. It makes you numb to things around you. But isn’t very healthy for a strong team, to have a cold leader. That will be the fall of the Master. Why is he even called ‘Master’? Why is this woods called the Barred Woods? Oh well, questions for another day.” End of journal entry.

    “Well hello there sir. What can I do for ye?” asked Can Numball. A Vendor just outside the village square. “I would like to buy some apples.” I replied, in a whispery voice. “Sorry mate,I’m all out of apples for the week.” replied Can Numball “What about carrots?” I asked “Nope.” “Bacon, lettuce, wheat, or steak?” I asked again.…

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